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“With every joyful wag of a tail and purr of contentment, we witness the boundless love our pets offer. Let us embark on a transformative journey where the power of nutrition and science unite, enabling every pet to thrive with abundant health, vitality, pure joy, and love that knows no bounds.”

Groke /grō-hk/

An old Scottish word, meaning to gaze at someone longingly while they are eating, in the hope that they will share some of their food.

Groke Pet Founder Dr. Andrew Duggan

Dr. Andrew Duggan, PhD, MBA

The man behind the science and nutrition of Groke Pet, Dr. Andy, is an award-winning scientist specialising in developing new therapeutic formulas for pets. He has a Doctorate in Chemistry from Rhodes University and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. Dr. Andy's home has always been a sanctuary for rescued creatures, and he currently lives with two affectionate yet assertive cats, Scrappy and Mischka, as well as his cherished Cocker Spaniel, Lauchie.

Dr. Andy takes his role as a pet parent seriously and ensures that his furry friends are healthy and happy. As the chief scientist at Groke Pet, Dr. Andy brings his scientific expertise to develop high-quality pet care products that are safe and effective for pets like Lauchie, Scrappy, and Mischka.

With more than 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the biomedical industry, he ensures that all Groke Pet products are of the highest quality and meet the needs of pets and their guardians. Furthermore, Dr. Andy and his team of scientists and professional vets are continuously innovating several solutions for pets with specific needs.

Anne Duggan

Anne Duggan, one of the founders of Groke Pet, is an amazing example of how passion and professionalism can come together to make a difference. As a child, Anne was always drawn to dogs, and this love of animals stayed with her even as she pursued a career in business. Despite the fast-paced world of corporate success, Anne's dedication to animals never wavered. She went on to undertake studies in natural animal nutrition and even veterinary-related fields. Today, Anne is an inspiration to pet lovers everywhere, embodying the heartfelt commitment to animal health and welfare that Groke Pet is known for. 

Anne's journey with her Cocker Spaniel's health issues was a driving force behind the creation of Groke Pet. Seeing her furry friend struggle with pancreatitis and joint problems led Anne to explore the world of natural animal nutrition. This exploration led to the creation of Groke Pet's product range. At Groke Pet, Anne's dedication to animal health shines through in everything she does. Her goal is to help pet owners provide the best possible care for their beloved companions, promoting the health and happiness of pets worldwide.

Groke Pet Founder Anne Duggan

How it all started?

Present day

Today, Groke Pet is an Australian owned and operated business that remains committed to providing the best possible nutrition for pets. They have a range of pet supplements, from anxiety and calming aids to hip and joint, skin and coat, probiotic, and weight loss supplements. All made with the highest quality ingredients and backed by the latest scientific research.

From Anne’s cocker spaniel and Dr. Andrew’s toothless wonder, Mischka, to pets around the globe, Groke Pet continues to make a positive difference in the quality of life and wellbeing of animals. Their unwavering dedication to pets and their owners, backed by robust scientific evidence, has made Groke Pet a trusted name in pet nutrition.

Quality manufacturing and social responsibility

Groke Pet is not only committed to providing quality products but also in ensuring these products meet and exceed industry regulations. They have carefully chosen their ingredients to ensure that they are predominently Australian made and ethically sourced and that the ingredients have studies to support their use and efficacy in pets.  Many of the ingredients are APVMA endorsed as having the nominated health benefits.  

The duo also wanted to give back to the community, which led them to partner with a disability support organisation to manufacturer, package and distribute their products. This partnership not only allowed them to meet high manufacturing standards in a HACCP certified facility, but also provided employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the community.

Assembling the team

Realising the importance of a diverse set of skills in achieving their goals, they assembled a team of passionate scientists specialising in multi-vitamins, formulations, and food technology. They also engaged experienced veterinarians for comprehensive consultations and advice.

Rigorous research and development

The duo embarked on a year-long journey of tireless work, researching, consulting with pet owners and veterinarians, and refining their formulas to ensure that every ingredient provides proven benefits and is of the highest quality. This research-focused approach was central to Groke Pet's philosophy, and they ensured that all of their supplements are grounded in scientific research, trials, and evidence.  High quality research and evidence based outcomes is in Dr Andy's DNA, as an award winning chemist with a focus on biomedical research. 

The solution and formulation

With a mission to fill the gap in the pet nutrition market, the duo used their unique expertise to create Groke Pet's range of products. With Dr. Andy's extensive scientific and biomedical industry knowledge and Anne's experience in canine and natural animal nutrition and business, they began the task of developing a product line that prioritises both quality and efficacy.

The driving force

Dr. Andy’s cat, Mischka, had a unique condition that eventually led to her losing most of her teeth. He sought out liquid alternatives to guarantee her proper nourishment and found a lack of suitable options in the market. This led him to explore and develop new solutions, resulting in the creation of the Groke Pet formula. Anne’s beloved cocker spaniel suffered from health issues, including pancreatitis and hip and joint problems. After a year of continuous vet visits and observing her pet's suffering, Anne embarked on a nutritional pathway that drastically improved her dog's health. This personal journey fuelled her passion to create Groke Pet's product line, hoping to provide the best care for other pets and their owners.  Today her cocker spaniel is happy and healthy and lives life to the fullest. 

Discovering the gap

Groke Pet was born out of love and necessity. The co-founders, Dr. Andrew Duggan and Anne Duggan, are pet lovers themselves who faced the same challenges that many pet parents do when trying to find the best nutrition for their furry family members. They noticed a significant gap in the market for high-quality, science-based nutritional products that did not require drastic dietary changes.

Giving back to the community

At Groke Pet, our commitment to spreading positivity and love for family and community goes beyond taking good care of your pets; we also believe in the transformative power of inclusivity. We're not just nurturing healthier pets, but also creating a future where everyone is celebrated for their unique abilities.

Rooted in shared values and mutual respect, our relationship with Fairhaven extends beyond a simple business partnership. Fairhaven, located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, is adisability support services provider that provides opportunities foremployment to individuals with disabilities. It is amazing to see how individuals with a little support can flourish, their talents andabilities illuminating our path and make a positive contribution inspite of the challenges that they face in life. The people of Fairhaven serve as the beating heart of our operations, infusing their unique skills and determination into the manufacture, packaging, and shipping of our products. We are forever grateful to their willingness to work with us and the amazing effort thatthey make daily.

Fairhaven Partnership
Andrew Duggan and his dog

With this meaningful partnership, Groke Pet signifies much more than choosing superior pet care. It also means endorsing an ethos of inclusivity and empowerment, a philosophy that appreciates diversity and cherishes human potential.

Our collaboration with Fairhaven is testament to our collective commitment to love, care, compassion, and understanding, fostering an environment where every individual can live a happy life. With each purchase, you're not only enhancing your pet's wellbeing but also contributing to a socially responsible enterprise that acknowledges and values the boundless potential of every person.

Together, we're making a profound difference, one pet and one person at a time. We thank you for choosing Groke Pet – for embodying our vision of a brighter, inclusive future.

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