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Give your pet’s favourite food a tasty liquid supplement health boost packed with 48 active vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.

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Featured Products

Featured Products

Vitalixir Complete Daily Nutrition For Dogs - Starter Pack

Give your dog the best start to their day with Vitalixir Complete Daily Nutrition.

Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this all-in-one supplement supports your dog’s overall health and well-being. Give your dog the boost it needs to live their best life!

Vitalixir PLUS Hips & Joints For Dogs - Starter Pack

Vitalixir PLUS Hips & Joints is made with all-natural ingredients that work together to support healthy joints in dogs.

By promoting better mobility and reducing the likelihood of age-related joint issues, your dog can enjoy a longer and more fulfilling, active life.

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Behind the scenes

Meet Our Dynamic Duo: Dr. Andy and Anne
At GrokePet, we're proud to introduce our dynamic duo, Dr. Andy Duggan and Anne Duggan. Driven by their unwavering love for their own pets, Mischka, Scrappy, and Lauchie, this passionate pair brings a blend of scientific expertise and nutritional know-how to the table.

The GrokePet Family
Every product you receive is lovingly processed and packaged by our GrokePet family at Fairhaven, a Central Coast-based
NDIS Provider.

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Why Choose Groke Pet

We take pride in producing our products locally in Australia, with 98% Australian ingredients. Our products are manufactured on the Central Coast in New South Wales in a HACCP certified facility to ensure the highest safety and quality standards.

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Australian Made & Owned

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Research-Driven Scientific Approach

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Focused On Your Pet's Health & Wellbeing

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No GMO Ingredients

Proudly Made in Australia

Research-Driven Scientific Approach

Expert Testing and High Standards

Going Beyond Basic Nutrition


Focus on Overall Well-being

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APVMA-Endorsed Ingredients

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98% Australian Ingredients

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A Tasty Liquid

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Commitment to the Community

Premium Human-Grade Ingredients

Commitment to the Community

Pursuit for Continuous Advancements

Made from HACCP Certified Facility

“Groke Pet offers a trusted and effective supplement that I personally recommend to my patients”


But Don't Take Our Word for It,
Discover Why Pet Owners Choose Us!


★★★★★ Verified Review

Not only did he love the taste, but I also noticed improvements in his overall health. His coat became shinier, and his digestion improved. Groke Pet's formula has been a game-changer for both Charlie's taste buds and his well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow pet owners.

Product: Complete Daily Nutrition For Dogs - Starter Pack - Vitalixir


★★★★★ Verified Review

From the moment I started incorporating it into Bella's diet, I noticed significant improvements. She became more active, enjoyed longer walks, and even started playing like a puppy again. Groke Pet's Joint Support was the key to overcoming Bella's joint issues, and I can't express my gratitude enough.

Product: Hips & Joints For Dogs - Starter Pack - Vitalixir PLUS


★★★★★ Verified Review

As a mindful pet owner, it's crucial for me to choose products that echo my values. This led me to Groke Pet. Their strong commitment to sustainability, superior ingredient quality, and focus on social responsibility deeply resonated with me.

Product: Complete Daily Nutrition For Dogs - Starter Pack - Vitalixir


★★★★★ Verified Review

Charlie’s incessant scratching used to break my heart. It's as if he couldn't find relief from his itchy skin. But then, like a miracle, we found Groke Pet's supplement. Now, Charlie enjoys a soothing comfort he deserves, his coat gleams with health, and he's the happiest bulldog pup around!

Product: Skin & Coat For Dogs - Starter Pack - Vitalixir PLUS

Samantha L.

★★★★★ Verified Review

It's been an incredible journey with Groke Pet's Weight Loss formula! My Lab has lost an amazing seven kilograms and is brimming with happiness. Now, he eagerly joins me for walks, showing off his new, healthier self. I can't recommend this formula enough!

Product: Weight Loss For Dogs - Starter Pack - Vitalixir PLUS


★★★★★ Verified Review

Discovering Groke Pet's Weight Loss formula was a game-changer in our quest for the perfect weight loss solution. Their comprehensive weight management plan was the missing piece we needed. The results? Absolutely remarkable and truly effective!

Product: Weight Loss For Dogs - Starter Pack - Vitalixir PLUS

Frequently Asked Questions

Groke Pet products are distinguished by their scientific formulation, crafted by experts in veterinary science and pet nutrition. Extensive research and validation guarantee their effectiveness and genuine health benefits for pets, setting them apart from other products lacking scientific credibility. Our formula boasts over 45 essential vitamins and minerals, providing a better alternative to ineffective powders and pills. Proudly made in Australia in partnership with an NDIS support provider, Groke Pet products feature the finest natural ingredients and a commitment to sustainability throughout our packaging and processes.

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