Why should I choose your dog supplement over other options available?

Groke Pet products stand out because they are scientifically formulated by experts in veterinary science and dog nutrition. Extensive research and validation ensure their effectiveness and real health benefits for pets, unlike many other products that lack scientific efficacy.

The nutritional balance of Vitalixir PLUS has been carefully formulated.  Groke Pet has taken into account an average pet diet, ingredients that are endorsed by the APVMA as having proven efficacy or positive benefits on hip and joint conditions and the AAFCO and FEDIAF standards. Unlike other products on the market, the formula has been developed to ensure that your pet gets complete daily nutrition when Vitalixir PLUS is added to your pet's normal food in addition to supporting hip and joint conditions.

Nutrients in Vitalixir PLUS are at levels that have proven efficacy, where peer review studies exist, and when Vitalixir PLUS is given to your dog consistently over a period of time.

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