How can I trust the claims you make about your dog supplement?

Scientific Expertise: Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Andrew Duggan, brings over 20 years of experience in the scientific sector to the development of our products. He is an award winning scientist with a Doctorate in Chemistry and an MBA . He specialises in the development of therapeutic products.

Evidence-based Formulations: Our products are formulated based on extensive research.  We have cross-referenced decades of established research and clinical studies together with cutting edge contemporary research. Our formulas have undergone many iterations, continually evolving with the latest scientific advancements and to ensure that they are irresistibly delicious for your dog.

Quality Ingredients: All the ingredients used in our products are of high quality and most of them have been recognised by leading pet industry and regulatory bodies (such as the APVMA) as having nutritional benefit.

Veterinary Consultation: We maintain an ongoing dialogue with experienced veterinarians who provide invaluable insights from their practices, helping us ensure our products and solutions are effective and scientifically grounded.

Tested: Our products have undergone extensive multi-year testing to ensure their continuing efficacy and quality.

Certifications and Approvals: Our products are made in a HACCP certified facility, ensuring the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control. Furthermore, our supplements contain APVMA-endorsed ingredients with recognised nutritional benefits.

How much of each nutrient is in the Vitalixir and Vitalixir Plus formula?

The nutritional balance has been carefully formulated having regard to an average pet diet, ingredients that are endorsed by the APVMA as having proven efficacy or positive benefits and the AAFCO and FEDIAF standards. Unlike other products on the market, the formula has been developed to ensure that your pet gets complete daily nutrition when Vitalixir is added to your pet's normal food.

Our boosters have additional nutritional goodness to support specific health conditions that your pet may have and have been developed to ensure that amounts of each nutrient are at levels that have proven efficacy where they are consistently used over a specified period of time.

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